Supereon 5XL Electrostatic Sprayer - 5 Gal.

Supereon 5XL Electrostatic Sprayer - 5 Gal.

Item # SW/B-014

  • This 5 gallon Electrostatic Sprayer combines technology, functionality, quality and price.
  • Specially designed to provide high level of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Can help stop the unnecessary spread of infections
  • 12V8AH Lead acid battery
5 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #SWB-014
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The electrostatic technology offers unsurpassed uniformity in coverage of complex surfaces with exceptional transfer efficiency. It places a positive electrostatic charge to the disinfectant or solution in the reservoir tank causing each droplet that exits the spray tip to be powerfully attracted to its opposite charge on high-touch areas such as desks, table tops, chairs, door handles, cabinet handles, light switches and more.


  • EPA Compliant 40 micron particle size.
  • Supereon places great emphasis on the quality, reliability and security of the product it offers.
  • Designed the Supereon 5XL in full compliance with the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) recommended droplet size of 80 microns or less.
  • Safe to use indoor or outdoor.
  • 12V8AH Lead acid battery. The battery allows for approximately 4 hours of continuous usage. The battery compartment is also easily accessible and changed with few simple steps.
  • Deploys 16KV+ electrostatic output, which is nearly twice the electrostatic output of other sprayers. It also releases 9 oz. per minute flow rate for faster coverage.
  • The tank holds 5 gallons of chemical, allowing 50,000 sq ft. of coverage.
  • Cordless design also allows for easy movement.