Spartan Clean on the Go® Degreaser™ 6 - 2 L

Spartan Clean on the Go® Degreaser™ 6 - 2 L

Item # 4734

  • Heavy duty, all purpose industrial cleaner/degreaser.
  • 2 oz. makes gallon
  • pH 12.0
2 L, 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #4734

  • An ecologically sound, environmentally conscious, heavy duty all purpose industrial cleaner formulated to remove grease, oil and other tough soils without upsetting the eco system of water and waste treatment facilities.

Aggressive Degreasing Performance

Eco Degreaser is a powerful detergent complex with aggressive grease emulsification ability. It quickly penetrates, emulsifies and removes tough industrial soils such as petroleum grease, soot, oils, lubricants, tire and rubber marks, carbon exhaust as w

Reinvents Traditional Surfactant Systems

Many current cleaners and degreasers depend on nonyl phenol detergents for their cleaning ability. Eco Degreaser offers excellent surfactant/wetting agent emulsification abilities without nonyl phenol. Instead, the Eco Degreaser formula incorporates a n

Formulated with ecological and environmental concerns. Biodegradable. No inorganic phosphates. Eco Degreaser is easily waste treatable.

No Sara Title III reportable ingredients. Eco Degreaser does not contain any hazardous ingredients listed under Sara Title III (Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act.) No need to report use of Eco Degreaser to the EPA or registered Sara coordinator.

Versatile: Eco Degreaser can be used on any surface not harmed by water. Apply with mop, brush, pressure washer, auto scrubber or use as a spray and wipe for walls and equipment.

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